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Dreamin ChuChu / どりーみんチュチュ

V-Dere's First Group Cover!

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"So Sweet" Airi's First Original Song

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From unlikely food combinations to ridiculous situations, the hijinks these girls get up to is sure to leave your sides in stitches!


Feel your heart race with the emotional singing of our talents. Whether it be explosive vocals or gentle serenades, we boast a variety of voices.


Our ASMR specialists will fill your heart with comfort and warmth. Leave it to them to soothe the stress of your daily woes with their calming voices!


Become a part of your favorite member’s journey by cheering them on by their side every step of the way. Your oshi is counting on you!


By V-Dere on 14 February, 2024

Valentines Day Special | First Group Cover | Dreamin ChuChu / どりーみんチュチュ

To celebrate Valentines day, V-Dere has released their first ever group cover! The girls released Dreamin ChuChu / どりーみんチュチュFeb. 14th 2024~

By V-Dere on 03 February, 2024

$1,000 PalWorld Building Contest

With the release of PalWorld, many VTubers have tested their skills as PalTamers, explorers, and collectors. The grind continued with the release of V...

By Airi Viridis 🩰🦇 on 20 January, 2024

Airi Viridis 2024 Birthday Celebration! | Limited Merch | Original Song Release

It's getting cold outside... snow is starting to fall... it gets so dark so early in the day... Viridevil's rejoice! That means it's time for our favo...