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01 Mar 2024

V-Dere is coming to OffKai Expo!

V-Dere is coming to OffKai Expo!

V-Dere Convention Apperance


Convention Information

What is OffKai Expo? OffKai Expo is a convention centered around VTubers. They bring together creators big and small and enable them to interact with their fans. This makes for one awesome event! It's volunteer-run, so please give props to the team! This year, Offkai Expo is being hosted at the Hyatt Regency in Burlingame, California. The dates run from May 31 - June 2, 2024. If you'd like to grab a ticket, click here to do so. You can get a 10$ discount if you purchase your tickets before May 31st, early bird gets the worm!


For more information, you can visit OffKai Expo's website and stay up-to-date with their Twitter posts. They'll be announcing all the fun information there, including V-Dere's apperance!


Panel Information

We have our very own panel this year that we're very excited about! The date, location, and time will be announced at a later date. Keep an eye out on both V-Dere's Twitter and OffKai Expo's Twitter for future updates. In our panel, we'll be hosting a game show where all the talents will compete to prove they are the most knowledgeable on various topics. Gaming, anime, voice acting, and comedy will be the central themes of the questions. Whoever has the least amount of points will be geting a special punishment at the end of the panel!

 If you miss our panel, you still may be able to spot our standees and banners around the convention hall. Be sure to take pictures and tag us on Twitter!

Have any questions? feel free to reach out to us at, or through our official social media. Thank you for supporting our V-Dere and our talents, allowing us to make these appearances!

By V-Dere | 01 March, 2024